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craig.html Craig's Scouting History Murray Family Tree Reasearch by Carol Murray
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Venturing Notebook

/venturing Notebook Home Page
tips.html Tips from the Trenches
informed.html Keeping Informed
uniform.html Venturing Uniform
uniformPI.html Venturing Uniform w/ private issue patches
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BSA Badge History

/history Badge History Home Page
/early_badges Boy Scout Cloth Rank Badges, 1913-1925
tenderfoot.html Tenderfoot Cloth Rank Badges, 1916-1925
second.html Second Class Cloth Rank Badges, 1913-1925
first.html First Class Cloth Rank Badges, 1913-1925
top.html Life, Star & Eagle Cloth Rank Badges, 1914-1924
variations.html Variations in Cloth Rank Badges
/SM First Class Scoutmaster
SMbadges.html First Class Scoutmaster Badges and Pins
scoutmastership.html Ten Essentials of Scoutmastership
recipe.html Dan Beard's Recipe for Scouting
/ranger Scouting's First Ranger Award, 1944-1949
awards.html Ranger and Silver Awards, Past and Present
advancement.html Explorer Scout Advancement Requirements, 1944-1949
/changes Did you know?  (various facts about scouting history)
/knothist Illustrated History of BSA Square Knot Evolution and Private Issues by George Crowl
/cub Cub Scout Rank Badges 1930-2010
begin.html Tiger Cub and Bobcat Rank Badges
wolf.html Wolf Rank Badges
bear.html Bear Rank Badges
lion.html Lion Rank Badges
AOL.html Webelos and Arrow of Light Rank Badges
diamonds.html Rank Badges Diamonds
uniform.html Early Cub Scout Uniforms
notes.html Notes on Cub Scout Badges
DM.html Den Mother History and Badges
/silver Silver Outranks Gold
/venturing National & Private Issue Venturing Badges
youthBadges.html Youth Badges
adultBadges.html Adult Badges
VOA4.html Venturing Officers' Association Right Sleeve Badges
NOLbadges.html Nature of Leadership Badges: VLSC, Kodiak & Kodiak X
privateIssues.html Private Issues
/pins Scout Leader Pins by George Crowl
/diecut Die Cut Rank Badges (early 1950's trial badges)
/commissioner Commissioner Badges 1911-2010
/scoutingcentury/eagle The Eagle Scout Medals
foley.html T. H. Foley, 1912-1915
d-c.html Dieges and Clust, 1916-1920
robbins0.html Robbins Type 0, 1920
robbins1.html Robbins Type 1, 1920-1930
robbins2.html Robbins Type 2, 1930-1933
robbins3.html Robbins Type 3, 1933-1954
robbins4.html Robbins Type 4, 1955-1969
robbins5.html Robbins Type 5, 1969-1978
stange1.html Stange Type 1, 1968-1970
stange2.html Stange Type 2, 1970-1974
stange3.html Stange Type 3, 1974-1978
stange4.html Stange Type 4, 1978-1980
stange5.html Stange Type 5, 1980-1993
stange6.html Stange Type 6, 1993-1999
cfj.html Custom Fine Jewelry, 1999-2007
stange7.html Stange Type 7, 2007-present
/eagle The Eagle Badge
badges.html The EAGLE SCOUT Badges
types.html List of Subtypes of The EAGLE SCOUT Badges
/resources Eagle Scout Resources
/copy Nice Eagle Badge, Medal and Scout Rank images for your use
xtitch.html Eagle Badge Cross-Stitch Patterns

The Hiker's Clip Art

/clipart The Hiker's Clipart

High Adventure Hiking Patches

/hiking Hike It!

World Scout Coins

/coins World Scout Coins Home Page
100.html 100 Years of Scouting
75.html Year of the Scout, 1982-1983
more.html Scouting Coins
misc.html Miscellaneous Coin Items
badge.html Coin Collecting Merit Badges, 1938-Present
tokens.html Good Luck Tokens
scout.html Excelsior Shoe Co. Tokens
version1.html The Original "Boy Scouts" Shoe For Boys
version2.html The Original "Boy Scouts" Shoe For Boys w/ Swastika
version3.html Membership Emblem of the Boy Scouts Club
version4.html The Excelsior MEDAL Shoe For Boys w/ Swastika
version5.html The Excelsior MEDAL Shoe For Boys w/ Horseshoe
BoyScout.html Hiker Shoes for Boy Scouts
salt.html Worcester Salt
worry.html Membership Emblem of the Don't Worry Club
value.html Membership Emblem of the Good Value Club
other.html Good Luck Tokens w/ Swastikas
banknotes.html Scout Banknotes

The Hikers Trading Post

/store The Hikers Trading Post
knots.html Square Knots with Dark Green Backgrounds
support.html "Knots" for Support
patches.html Venturing Patch Concepts
blanket.html The Hiker's Patch Blanket - Custom Designs
certificates.html Certificates for Recognition
examples.html Special Order Scout Certificates
pins.html Pins, Medals & Buckles
number.html Unit Numbers
uniform.html Uniform Knots
order.html Ordering
designs.html Custom Design Ordering
special.html Special Venturing Square Knot Set


/kodiak-bsa Kodiak Home Page
kodiak.html What is Kodiak
syllabus.html Syllabus
photos.html Course Photos
patches.html Course Memorabilia

Navajo Lodge 98

/navajo98 Navajo 98
ordeal.html Ordeal Membership
brotherhood.html Brotherhood Membership
vigil.html Vigil Honor
parents.html Parent Information
leaders.html Unit Leader Information
faq.html Frequently Asked Questions
ourlodge.html Navajo Lodge Information
history.html Navajo Lodge History
dine.html Diné Award
OAinfo.html OA Information
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